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An online workshop designed to be the ultimate training manual on how to best equip yourself to win more listings and tap into the $100 billion coming into the U.S. from International buyers.

Focus, properly applied, is a powerful thing. In these sessions, we’re going to focus on building your business through four main areas:

Mindset, Expertise, Positioning, & Results

So we’ll develop your thinking, grow your knowledge, help you beat the competition, and focus on what we can measure that will impact your business. In the full workshop, we attack this elite status in four phases:

Phase 1 is all about Setting the Stage.

Phase 2 focuses on Lead Generation.

Phase 3 is all about getting systematic, which we call going from Entrepreneurial to Purposeful.

In Phase 4, we Pull It All Together.

A sampling of what we'll cover in the course:

  • What does it take to close an international transaction?
  • How do I market myself as a global agent?
  • What exact steps can I take to get started?
  • How do I generate leads?
  • How will this help grow my business?
  • Will this help through a shift in the real estate market?

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An elite community of real estate agents that are not content being confined to borders. We think big, grow our businesses together, and get better every single day.

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